A Royal Gem: Exploring the Most Expensive Sapphires

Posted on July 21st, 2023 06:01 PM

Sapphires are one of the most significant and loved gemstones. These much sought-after gemstones are valued for their rich and stunning blue color. A member of the corundum family, sapphires have been highly prized stones in history since 800 B.C. The blue variety of sapphires is the most popular, the color being the apparent reason, but other than this, sapphires with colors like orange, pink, peach, green and yellow are also gaining popularity. 

A notable gemstone, blue sapphires, has been associated with royalty. Who can forget the beautiful sapphire jewelry sported by Princess Diana? These blue gemstones are now carried as a legacy by the future generation. A heirloom to cherish, sapphires are not just stones but admirable pieces of wearable history. Regarding the same, this blog highlights the most expensive sapphire stones. Before this, let's get an overview of the stone's formation and origin. 

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry

Formation and origin of sapphires 

Sapphire stones are formed within igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, alluvial deposits and hydrothermal veins. Within igneous rocks, sapphires crystallize, cool and solidify. These beautiful gemstones in metamorphic rocks result from temperature and pressure changes over time. The alluvial deposits in riverbeds and floodplains transport the sapphire deposits in sedimentary layers. Some sapphires are formed in hydrothermal veins, such as those around volcanic vents and hot springs. Sapphires are found in Australia, Sri Lanka, the United States and Thailand. The well-known sapphires are those from Kashmir, Madagascar and Myanmar. 

Many factors govern the value of any gemstone, and its origin is one of them. The same holds for sapphire gemstones. Along with this, the color also defines the value of the stone. Based on this, let's check out the most appreciated colors of this adorable gemstone. 

Most Expensive Sapphire Color

The blue sapphire color chart features various shades from pastel, cornflower, peacock, velvet, royal, indigo and twilight. Cornflower blue and royal blue sapphires are the most expensive of these hues. 

  • Cornflower Blue Sapphire has an irresistible beauty resembling the cornflower. Associating the gemstone color with one of the rarest hues in nature makes this variety of sapphires exclusive. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is famous for generating the best of these gemstones. 

corn flower Sapphire

  • The finest quality Royal Blue Sapphire stones are from Burma (Myanmar). These gemstones get their name from the darker shade of royal blue color that it exhibits. Royal blue sapphire gemstones are considered the best quality sapphires owing to their appealing hue. These varieties of blue sapphires are known to activate the third eye chakra. 

royal blue Sapphire

  •  Blue sapphires are common and highly desirable, but the Padparadscha Sapphire has their own significance. These amazing sapphire stones feature a rare pink-orange hue. This color is reminiscent of the lotus flower and hence named so, "padma raga" in Sanskrit refers to 'lotus color.' Padparadscha Sapphire stones have been originally found in Sri Lanka. The appealing unique color of the stone has gained popularity, and after the Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring was flaunted by Princess Eugenie in 2018, this rare gemstone is in trend. 

padparadscha Sapphire

  • Color Change Sapphires are rare sapphires exhibiting a unique color change phenomenon. These gemstones showcase a color shift when seen in fluorescent and incandescent lighting. The color shift is from blue to purple, making this stone amongst unique and rare choice. These sapphire stones originated from Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. 

color change Sapphire

  • Kashmir Sapphire: These beautiful sapphires feature a velvet blue hue. The silk-like rutile needles are exclusive qualities shown by Kashmir sapphire. The light travels through these needle-like inclusions giving a velvety shine. Kashmir sapphire prices are generally higher due to the intense velvety blue color of the stone.  


After looking at the colors (both in terms of rarity and value) in sapphires, let's glance at the most well-known sapphire in the world.

Most Expensive Sapphires in the World: A Glimpse 

The Blue Belle of Asia: This is the most expensive blue sapphire known for its impressive blue color. An untreated cushion cut sapphire sourced from Ceylon is embraced perfectly on a diamond and white gold necklace, making this piece legendary. The natural beauty of the stone, complemented by its amazing color and clarity, makes this sapphire highly prized. 


The Sapphire and Diamond Brooch by Cartier: One of the masterpieces by Cartier, this brooch features a Kashmir blue sapphire as a center stone complemented with sparkling diamonds. The color and beauty of the blue sapphire from Kashmir are captivating, and it has managed to gain fame. 

The Kelly Sapphire ring: This incredible ring features a flawless blue sapphire that takes center stage and is complemented with trapeze-cut diamonds. The cushion-cut Kashmir sapphire weighs around 21.71 carats. The untreated stone's outstanding deep blue color allows it to gain immense popularity. 

kelly sapphirea magnificent sapphire

Price Factor for Sapphires 

The sapphires mentioned above are a few of the most expensive ones; there are more to add to the list. Sapphire gems are available in different colors, and each of these stones has a different price range. Many factors affect the price of a gemstone, such as cut, clarity, carat weight, origin and color. When it comes to sapphire stone price, color plays an important factor like any other colored stone. At Navratan, Royal Blue Sapphire and Cornflower Blue Sapphire prices vary from low to high carat weight. The high prices of Royal Blue sapphire stones compared to others are due to their rich and intense dark blue color. Other than this, the origin of sapphires also matters; for instance, blue sapphires from Burma are highly prized owing to their finest quality. Cornflower blue sapphire from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) holds value. Color change sapphire prices vary as per the intensity of the color change (blue to violet). The more intensity, the higher the prices. On the other hand, Kashmir sapphires are again the most expensive ones. The gemstones at Navratan, the online gem bazar, come with proper gemstone certification from reputed gem laboratories, ensuring you get premium quality stones. 

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