A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Emerald Stones

Posted on February 3rd, 2024 12:36 PM

Emerald stones offer timeless beauty and geological wonder, so this guide is meant for newcomers or those wanting more knowledge of this type of gemstone. It is also known as Panna stone which promotes compassion and patience while increasing focus and creative capacity. Jewelers carefully examine rough emeralds before beginning to cut them for best results, looking out for overtones and color saturation from various angles to find the highest-grade gemstone possible. 

So lets explore more before buying emerald online and how to distinguish a valuable gem among the many. Come on to an experience where the vibrant greens will tell you stories. Lets explore the beginners guide!

Who should wear Emerald Green Stone

Emerald is a form of beryl, colored green by trace amounts of chromium and vanadium. Its hard and durable nature makes it suitable for everyday wear and tear. However, most of the time its color saturation surpasses sapphire in brightness. 

Emerald (Panna ratna) is recommended for those seeking success, especially if weak Mercury is indicated in their birth chart or if they are born under Gemini or Virgo signs. A personalized recommendation from an astrologer is important. 

If you wish to read more here’s a detailed guide: Who should wear emerald stone in our full blog, offering a comprehensive exploration of the subject.

Gem professionals agree that color is the single most crucial factor when assessing an emerald's value. It can either be light or dark green in tone with or without yellow undertones (these tend to appear more frequently in synthetic or treated stones). Furthermore, its saturation must be uniform across its entire surface area for best results.


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How to calculate the price of an Emerald: Factors to consider

Emerald green stone contains natural inclusions that are usually visible to the naked eye and can have an impact on both their appearance and value. Look for a gem without cracks, chips, or scratches; use a jeweler's loupe to assess clarity -- more inclusions mean lower grades - or shine backlight onto it to reveal its jardin characteristics which identify it as original; some green stones have even been treated with resin or polymer to provide added stability against surface damage.

There are 4Cs to consider when deciding the original emerald stone price. Here’s our detailed guide on it: Emerald gemstone price guide

What does Emerald gemstones do spiritually: History & Benefits

This stone has long been associated with growth, harmony, and balance since its discovery by early humans. Furthermore, these beautiful green stones have long been seen as symbols of renewal and love - which makes it no surprise they're so beloved among celebrities and royalty alike; Cleopatra being one such notable figure who appreciated them!

Ancient History recognises green Emerald as protective power

Ancient civilizations used emeralds as protective talismans against danger. People believed their strength would keep lovers faithful; if someone were unfaithful, the stone's color might change to alert its owner of impending harm. Furthermore, it was thought to sharpen memory skills and heighten astrological sensibility for looking ahead into the future.

In Hinduism, it is believed to bring good fortune

Emeralds have traditionally been linked with Mercury in Hinduism and, as such, are prominently displayed at Navaratna. According to Hindu beliefs, an original panna ratna can bring insight and strengthen communication, so those under its effect should always wear one as protection.

In Buddhism, Emerald gemstone is said to bring spiritual and emotional growth

This green gem provides more than aesthetic beauty - it also contains spiritual energy, as well as healing properties which can aid with emotional balance and creativity. This stone has even been called the stone of love because its healing properties bring peace, harmony, and wisdom to relationships.

Emerald panna is also attached with heart chakra  with spiritual enlightenment

Green gems like Jasper resonate with your heart chakra and may bring about feelings of peace, love, and compassion for yourself and others. Additionally, this green gemstone may promote self-awareness as we come to learn more about ourselves along our path toward spiritual enlightenment.

To activate positive energies within this gemstone, it's best to clean it regularly using a cleansing spray made up of spring water and lavender oil. Other possibilities could include placing it inside a bowl filled with salty water or covering its surface in smoke from sage; then programming its programming via prayer and meditation.

How to Style Emerald Gemstone in Right Way

This stone evokes feelings of renewal, vitality, and vigor, making it the ideal symbol for creating strong relationships based on respect and loyalty. It is often associated with spring season which makes this gemstone even more fitting as a statement about friendship or commitment between individuals or lovers.

Choose the Perfect Color Vibrancy Without Oversaturation

Select an Emerald that features vibrant colors without oversaturation of colors, as well as clarity. 

When searching for beautiful pieces, avoid stones containing many inclusions - these could include cracks or spots of black color as well as white inclusions up to 40% in number.

Wear this fragile beauty in a careful way

The original gemstones need special treatment in handling as blue sapphires and rubies do. The best way to wear emeralds is to wear them in rings that are set in protective settings or combined with more durable gemstones like diamonds.

Maintain the panna transparency

To maintain this stone's purity and transparency, keep away from direct contact with soap, detergents, and harsh chemicals which could darken or lose its clarity; and do not wear jewelry while doing house jobs or activities that can chip or scratch its surface.

Buying tips to pick a good emerald stone

Certified gemstones with transparency are more expensive than ones with inclusions. Because transparent ones are rare to find in nature. Though emerald stone with eye-visible fissures and inclusions are acceptable if they look exceptionally beautiful. But people prefer high clarity levels in emeralds . 

Another factor that determines value is the color of original panna stone. A darker shade of green is usually preferable as it is more pronounced against the jewelry. Moreover, the color should be clear without any blue or yellow undertones, and again, saturation should be strong to produce vivid and not faded colors.

Always make sure that you research before buying anything. Before or shortly after purchasing one of these gems, check the companys reputation, read online reviews, and have your gem independently appraised by someone independent of its seller – that will ensure that you get quality merchandise for a fair price and that you don’t pay for lab-created or enhanced gems.

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing natural gemstones, Navratan is right here for you. 

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