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Red coral stone price 10 Ratti

Red coral gemstones are known for their amazing color. Besides this, these stones are also known for exhibiting tremendous cosmic energies. Red coral are amongst the popular variety of corals, though pink and white versions are also available. Governed by planet Mars, lal moonga or red coral is believed to offer energy, confidence and focus to the wearer. There are other benefits also that the gemstone exhibits. The prices of this red colored beautiful and powerful stone varies as per the carat weight. Red coral stone 10 Ratti price varies from INR 500 ($7) to 15,000 ($214).

How to Wear Red coral stone 10 Ratti

Wearing a red coral stone ring or a pendant to get maximum output, one should follow these steps:

  • Prefer red coral stones that are deep colored, bright and lustrous. The gemstone should be in rattis varying from 8 to 12.
  • Energise the gemstone by dipping it in holy ganga water along with turmeric, curd, honey and pure ghee.
  • Wash the gemstone and wipe it gently with a soft cloth.
  • Offer flowers and recite mantras as suggested by the astrologer.
  • The metal that embraces red coral stone whether in a ring or a pendant should be crafted from gold or copper.
  • The advisable day for wearing this stone is Tuesday and the red coral stone ring should be worn on the ring finger of the working hand.
  • It is important that the red coral stone 10 Ratti should be bought from an authenticated gem seller or dealer.

Let’s explore more benefits of red coral stone:

  • Red coral is believed to be the stone of fortune. Those aspiring to success in life and business, red coral stone is the best option.
  • Building confidence and leadership qualities, red coral stone is the right option.
  • A stone of wellness and prosperity, red coral stone promotes health and the immune system of the body.
  • Red coral stone is known to prevent negativity and helps in restoring energy and vitality.
  • The metal that embraces red coral stone whether in a ring or a pendant should be crafted from gold or copper.
  • Moonga or red coral is associated with energy of the Root Chakra, that drives passion, self-esteem, integrity and stability.
  • When it comes to physical healing, red coral stone prevents stomach and digestive problems.

The bold red color is the fascinating aspect of moonga stone. The gemstone is also prized for its healing properties other than being just a jewelry piece. Red coral, as Ancient Egyptians believed, contained a drop of divine blood that protected them from evil spirits. Thus, the coral jewelries were kept in Egyptian burials.The ancient Celtic cultures thought that red corals shielded them during wars. As per Vedic astrology, red coral stones have found their significance in Ayurveda also. As per the same. The gemstone is known to cure multiple body disorders.

Red coral stone 10 Ratti price

Red coral stone 10 Ratti price varies from INR 500 ($7) to 15,000 ($214). Factors such as origin, color, cut, carat weight, and clarity impact the prices of the stone.

Color: Bright and lustrous colored red coral 10 Ratti stones are preferred and the prices vary subsequently.

Cut: Red coral stones are available in many shapes such as oval, round and more. Out of these triangle shaped gemstones are more costlier.

Clarity: The bright and smooth surface of coral determines its clarity. Moonga prices are higher when it comes to being spotless, lustrous and flawless.

Origin: Moonga is found in various parts of the world and according to the origin, the prices of the gemstone varies. The prices of Italian red coral and those from Japan are higher.

Origin and formation

The red coral stones have a captivating story to tell. The gemstones are known to be organic, that is they are extracted from living creatures. In general, tiny marine polyps are spineless organisms that have a calcium carbonate external skeleton. These polyps attach themselves to rocks and create big colonies and reefs. These coral reefs grow faster and settle for millions of years. These are then harvested, polished and made ready for jewelry or used just as the red coral gemstones.

The red coral stone is referred to as Moonga or Munga in Hindi. Angaraka Mani, Ratnaraga, Latamani, Praval ratna, Raktaga are other names that are quite popular.

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