Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire

Vibrant gems with a flattering aura, Pink Sapphires, or Gulabi Pukhraj in Hindi have a soft,  romantic rose hue. From light pinks to more reddish pinks these sturdy gemstones proclaim their beauty loud and clear. Resilient and strong, these pink wonders hold a variety of meanings for its wearer and are undoubtedly flattering gems.

Color:  Light rose pinks to more reddish pinks.

Worn as a ring with the gemstone touching the body.

Neck: Worn as a pendant, with the gemstone touching the body
Metal: Yellow gold rose gold and white golds.
Zodiac Sign: Aries and Saggitarius

Complemented beautifully in rose gold settings, the colors of these pink gems come alive in natural light adding a splash of color to any ensemble. A gem that unifies beauty and innocence, the pink sapphire does not disappoint. Pale pinks to more vivid pink body colors these gems offer the perfect match to any skin tone.

A gemstone that carries a powerful sentiment, these romantic pinks symbolize trust, loyalty, sincerity, and offer true compassion. With a color that is allowed to shine through, pink sapphires are a popular choice with couples these days.

  • Offers good fortune to its wearers 

  • Cures depression

  • Helps temperaments and anger 

  • Improves one’s fiscal position

  • Provides guidance in love matters

  • Boosts confidence as it is connected to the powerful sun

  • Improves problems indigestion 

Pink sapphires draw attention thanks to their delightful colors. With pinks, orangey pinks to more purplish pinks these gems derive their demand from their eye-clean appearances that sparkle beautifully in daylight. Some factors that contribute to the value of these pinks are :

Color: Based on the gem's hue, tone, and saturation, the color of the pink sapphire speak for itself. The intensity of its color paired with less dark, black tones and a nice even pink adds value to the gem. Often rarity and value go hand in hand and reddish-pink gemstones demand higher price tags. Colored by the element chromium, lighter shades of pink are often an elegant choice that is just as feminine and pretty. Deep Fuschia pinks can fetch values from Rs 10,000 To Rs 100,000 A carat.

Cut: Pink sapphires are cut as smaller-sized gems as a result of smaller-sized rough availability. Cut as faceted gems often in squares, ovals, cushions, and even fancy cuts, its faceting lends an unmatched brilliance as light reflects off the perfectly oriented facets. Easily found in more commercial shapes and sizes, pink sapphires come in a range of values.

Clarity: Exuding delicacy, with their color, the pink sapphire is frequently a clear gemstone with a glass-like, vitreous appearance. With excellent internal reflections, pink sapphires have faint needles and tiny crystals often invisible to the naked eye. Gems with eye-clean appearances demand higher values.

Origin: Today a popular source for these marvelous pinks is Madagascar. Unrivaled in quality and color with an even uniform color, gems from this island are small yet full of brilliance. Srilanka, Thailand, Tanzania, Kashmir, and Myanmar are some other sources for these rosy gems.

Treatments: Always invest in a gemstone that is supported by a third-party certificate. Treatments are often done to improve the appearance of a gemstone but must be disclosed at the time of purchase. When it comes to the pink sapphire some common treatments are heating to improve the gems color and glass fillings that can hide internal breaks within the gemstone. A reliable certificate always details the treatments done on each gemstone. Treatments tend to drop the value of a pink sapphire considerably.

A gemstone that possesses superior durability, the Purple Sapphire is a great gemstone to be worn in rings. At 9 on the scale of hardness, these blue/ purple gems can withstand a lot of wear and tear and are often unaffected by light detergents like soap making them a great everyday gemstoneAsianisRsmarvelous

Today a popular source for these marvelous pinks is Madagascar. Unrivaled in quality and color with an even uniform color, gems from this island are small yet full of brilliance. Srilanka, Thailand, Tanzania, Kashmir, and Myanmar are some other sources for these rosy gems. 

Caring for your natural Pink Sapphire is imperative. Gemstones over time tend to attract dirt and grime and need an occasional bath. 


A safe way to clean your Pink Sapphire jewelry is:

  • Place gemstone studded jewelry in a bowl of warm soapy water, away from a basin

  • In the bowl scrub the piece lightly with an old, soft-bristled toothbrush

  • In the bowl, rinse with clean water 

  • Wipe dry


Bowl is to catch gemstones that might come out of their setting but can be returned to the jeweler to be reset. 


Do not use any harsh chemicals, light hand soap will work

Jewelry pieces set with enamel and Kundan work should never be washed or put into an ultrasonic machine.

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    What is a fair price to pay for an unheated, untreated Pink Sapphire?

    A Pink sapphire may come in a range of different price values that depends on the quality and quality in a combined combination of cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and most importantly origin. A 2 carats Pink sapphire gemstone may cost you 20,000 to 200,000 Rupees depending upon the quality. An unheated and untreated sapphire is considered to be of supreme quality. While buying a natural pink sapphire, always look for a trusted gemstone store that provides an authenticity certificate alongside. Besides a certificate of authenticity, Navratan offers worldwide shipping, an easy return facility,

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